Jared Greenberg, MD

Deputy Director, West Los Angeles VA Psychosis Clinic

Assistant Clinical Professor, UCLA Department of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences

Co-director, Social Determinants of Health Module, Community and Global Psychiatry Curriculum

Dr. Jared Greenberg is an attending psychiatrist and researcher at the Greater Los Angeles VA. Dr. Greenberg attended USC medical school and completed his psychiatry residency at UCLA in 2015. Dr. Greenberg’s primary clinical and research interests center on improving treatment and services for persons with serious mental illness, including individuals experiencing homelessness. This interest was first sparked during his years working as a case manager on a culturally-focused Assertive Community Treatment in San Francisco prior to medical school. After residency, he completed the two-year Advanced Fellowship Program in Mental Health Research and Treatment at the Mental Illness Research, Education, and Clinical Center (MIRECC) at the West Los Angeles VA, and conducted a study of factors associated with resilience among homeless Veterans with and without serious mental illness, while collaborating on other research projects related to homeless Veterans.

Currently, Dr. Greenberg serves as Deputy Director of the West Los Angeles VA Psychosis Clinic, where he enjoys supervising residents from the UCLA and Greater Los Angeles VA residency programs. He is also a clinician at the outpatient Mental Health Clinic at the VA clinic in Downtown Los Angeles, where a high percentage of his patients contend with homelessness. He is currently leading a research project focused on improving decision making and other executive functions for homeless-experienced Veterans with serious mental illness, in hopes of improving their ability to secure and maintain housing. More broadly, Dr. Greenberg is interested in issues of social and racial justice, health disparities, wellness of patients, trainees, and providers, humanism, and medical education. To these ends, Dr. Greenberg is involved in teaching and discussing social determinants of health in the core residency didactics series, and teaching and mentoring aspiring clinician-educators in the Clinician-Educator Concentration.


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  • Career Mentorship

  • Research Mentorship

  • Clinical Elective: Attending psychiatrist and Deputy Director of the West Los Angeles VA Psychosis Clinic