There are many conferences that provide great opportunities to present your work, make connections, and learn more about community and global mental health research, programs, and policy. Residents are highly encouraged to submit their work to present as a poster, workshop, or talk -- it's easier than you think! Reach out to your faculty mentor or the CGP Subcommittee for guidance and ideas.

Conferences of potential interest, by month:

American Association of Directors of Psychiatric Residency Training (February/March)

Society for the Study of Psychiatry and Culture (April)

Social Medicine Consortium (April)

American Society of Addiction Medicine (April)

International Harm Reduction Conference (April/May)

American Psychiatric Association (May)

NIMH Global Mental Health Workshop (May)

Academy Health (June)

Southern California Regional Dissemination Implementation & Improvement Science Symposium (June)

NIMH Mental Health Services Research Conference (August; even years only)

American Psychiatric Association Institute for Psychiatric Services: The Mental Health Services Conference (October)

Harm Reduction Coalition (October, New Orleans)

World Congress of Cultural Psychiatry (October, every 3 years; next in 2018)

American Public Health Association (November)

American Association of Addiction Psychiatry (December)