Global Psychiatry

Assistant Professor

Center for Social Medicine & Humanities, Semel Institute

UCLA International Institute

West LA VA Medical Center


Ippolytos Kalofonos earned his undergraduate degree in anthropology at the University of California, San Diego. He received his medical training from the University of California, San Francisco, while also obtaining a PhD in Medical Anthropology at the University of California, San Francisco and Berkeley and Masters degrees in Health Sciences and Epidemiology at the University of California, Berkeley. He completed psychiatry residency at the University of Washington, Seattle where he was an American Psychiatric Association Minority Leadership Fellow. He has conducted extensive field research in Mozambique looking at community experiences with HIV/AIDS treatment during the HIV treatment scale-up and has published numerous papers and is working on a book manuscript entitled “All I Eat is ARVs”: Surviving the AIDS Economy in Central Mozambique. In addition, he has conducted research in Salvador, Brazil studying urban leptospirosis epidemics, and on the US-Mexico border looking at access to prenatal care. He was a Robert Woods Johnson Clinical Scholar at UCLA 2014-16 before joining the faculty of the Semel Institute in 2016. He is currently looking at individual, family, and community perceptions and experiences of first episode psychosis in the Latino community of San Fernando Valley.

Dr. Kalofonos works clinically as a psychiatrist at the VA, teaches global health in the UCLA International Institute, and is based in the Center for Social Medicine and Humanities in the UCLA Semel Institute.


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Kalofonos, I., 2014. “All they do is pray”: Community labor and the narrowing of “care” during Mozambique’s HIV scale-up. Global Public Health 9, 7–24. doi:10.1080/17441692.2014.881527

Kalofonos, I., 2015. “We Can’t Find This Spirit of Help”: Mental Health, Social Issues, and Community Home-Based Care Providers in Central Mozambique, in: Kohrt, B.A., Mendenhall, E. (Eds.), Global Mental Health: Anthropological Perspectives. Left Coast Press, Walnut Creek, CA, pp. 309–324.